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               It's usually a risk, trusting another company with the reputation we have 
                   worked so hard to earn. But in this case, there was never a doubt.
- Lijue Alvarez, The Alvarez Group 

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What is a Grant?

Grants are not benefits or entitlements. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States. Federal grants are not federal assistance or loans to individuals.

A federal grant may not be used to acquire property or services for the federal government's direct benefit. The 26 federal agencies offer over 1,000 grant programs annually in various categories.
There are grant opportunities to both individuals and organizations.
 however there are few grants available to individuals. Most grants are available to organizations that fall into one of the following categoriess

Who is Eligible for a Grant?

ATTENTION!  :.. If you are seeking personal financial assistance such as:   :..

Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid or State Social Services, please visit: www.GovBenefits.gov

Student Loans, please visit: www.Studentaid.ed.gov

This type of individual assistance is NOT available on this website.

There are many groups of organizations that are eligible to apply for government grants. Typically, most grantee organizations fall into the categories below.

Government Organizations

  State Governments
  Local Governments
  City or Township Governments
  Special District Governments
  Native American Tribal Governments (federally recognized)
  Native American Tribal Governments (other than federally recognized)

Education Organizations

  Independent School Districts
  Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education
  Private Institutions of Higher Education

Public Housing Organizations

  Public Housing Authorities
  Indian Housing Authorities

Non-Profit Organizations

  Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  Nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education

For-Profit Organizations (other than small businesses)

Small Businesses
Small business loans and small business grants may be awarded to companies that meet the size standards that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has established for most industries in the economy. The most common size standards are as follows:

  500 employees for most manufacturing and mining industries
  100 employees for all wholesale trade industries
  $6 million for most retail and service industries
  $28.5 million for most general & heavy construction industries
  $12 million for all special trade contractors
  $0.75 million for most agricultural industries

Note that about one-fourth of industries have a size standard that is different from these levels. They vary from $0.75 million to $28.5 million for size standards based on average annual revenues and from 100 to 1500 employees for size standards based on number of employees.

With few exceptions, all federal agencies, and many state and local governments, use the size standards established by SBA. 

An individual submits a grant on their behalf, and not on behalf of a company, organization, institution, or government. Individuals sign the grant application and its associated certifications and assurances that are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the application process. So, if you register as an Individual, you will only be able to apply to grant opportunities that are open to individuals. An individual cannot submit a grant application to a grant opportunity that is just open to organizations.

Small Business
 Public Housing